Rendang Tok

Ingredients (A)

50 g         Idaman Suri Rendang Base

300 ml   Water

70 ml     Cooking Oil


Ingredient (B)

1 kg     Chicken/beef/mutton (cut into small pieces)


Ingredients (C)

25 g       Dehydrated coconut milk (DCM)

125 ml   Water

** (Shake well)



70 g      Roasted desiccated coconut (Kerisik)

5 pcs   Kaffir lime leaves (finely sliced)  (* Optional)



  1. Mix all ingredients (A), (B) and (C) well in a wok/pot. Cook until oil rises and fragrant and meat is tender.
  2. Add roasted desiccated coconut, cook until gravy becomes thicker or almost dry. Ready to serve.

*Optional: Add kaffir lime leaves for fresh flavor.

Important note: Require sufficient water to rehydrate natural dried ingredients



- For darker and sweeter flavor of Rendang Tok, add sweet soy sauce to taste.

- May add more water during cooking to tenderize meat.